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Sunday, October 30, 2005

nice meal and an hour

Team Invincible went on a Reunion Dinner tonight. Spur of the moment type thing, great fun. We went to Ruby Jones in Douglas. Cork city'’s newest dining experience! Apparently!! Actually we went there with the lads for Coffee, Cakes and Hot Chocolate twice before at lunch after college, so we know that the place is like. Really nice and Fancy!! We didn't have a reservation tonight, but had a look if they could fit us in! And they had just enough room for us! Score one us!

One of us, who shall remain nameless ordered the steak, very well done, and it was taking its time. We were there for about an hour. Which we didn't really mind. Conversation was alright!! But the manager/waiter fello came up to us and apologized for the delay, looked to see if we were drinking, which we don't really do, so offered us free desert! Score two us!

Its a really nice place, and if your ever there, go in, if only for a look! Were not used to places like that in Cork baye! ;o)

Also the clocks go back this morning!! Score three us!

I wonder when I wrote this post? Was it before or after the clocks went back?

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