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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

the info arrived

On Friday I received a nice big pack in the post from Kandersteg! It made very interesting reading over the weekend.
Below is a short list of what was included:

Everything is really coming together now. I’m in contact with Gillian and she seems on top of everything and has looked into the trains and everything.
I have exams coming up soon and so does Gillian so I’ll be lying low for a while.
I hope to travel up for National Council on the 11th of May, where I will meet Ryan, Who was on Staff last year, Gillian and Bernie the International Commissioner!



Monday, April 14, 2003

travel time

Since I know what date I'll need to arrive at the centre, the hunt is on for the cheapest flights. I'm flying from Cork, but nearly all the flights out of Ireland go through either Dublin or London. A few good websites to visit are:

I managed to get a flight from Cork to Geneva return for € 255. This left the 13th, the day before I was due to arrive at the centre. They don't really like you doing this, but I thought it was the only way I could do it.

Then I heard Gillian was on going from Dublin to Frankfurt on the 14th and then a train to Kandersteg. I looked into that flight, and it originates in Cork. I booked it with AerLingus, Cork to Frankfurt and return Frankfurt to Dublin (because it didn’t return to Cork) and it cost me € 190. It saves me a bit, and I have someone to travel with, so it's a win-win situation!

I was also in contact with the Swiss Embassy to make sure I don't need a visa (which I knew I didn't, I was just double checking!!!) and it was confirmed, as long as I have a full Irish passport, there would be no problem.



Thursday, April 10, 2003

the story so far

Ok, lets fill you all in on the story so far:

After being on a regional Camp to Kandersteg in July 2000, I've had the idea of coming back!

So August last I sent and e-mail off to KISC (Kandersteg International Scout Centre) looking for application forms, which I received thru my e-mail and in the post. The booklets that they sent told me all that would be expected if I took up a position on staff, and I found it very helpful. I kept pondering the idea of Switzerland for 3 months, and finally, mid-January I decided to get everything together and give it my best shot! 2 weeks later I got an e-mail confirming that they received my application and about a month after that I got a job offer. I accepted the offer and then things started to get exciting!

My associations International Commissioner had being informed and being in contact with me and we decided to meet up for a chat! She told me what was needed and that I'm the second person from Scouting Ireland CSI to of being picked. And as far as she knew, the only Scout this year from Ireland!

About a week ago I got a welcome e-mail from Mark (Guest Services Director) in Switzerland, sent to all of the short term staff this summer, just confirming that we needed to arrive at the centre on the 14th of June and before 17:00. And I also found out I’m not the only Irish person on staff either! Gillian, a Guide is also representing Ireland this year! So with Sue, from SAI who is on long-term staff and the two of us, there are three flying the Irish flag this summer!

I’ll keep you informed of what I did with my flights etc soon.



Sunday, April 06, 2003

where it all began

This is it! The start of it!

I've decided to make a web log of the next half a year and my experiences! There is only about 10 weeks until I'm due in Switzerland and there is a lot to do. Today I've worked on the site and Next week I'll get ya up to date of my progress so far.
Hope you like the site, and find it useful!