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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Watching the news tonight, or last night if your going to be anal about it, and Gay Byrne has been appointed new chairman of the Road Safety Authority! The report mentioned that the new penalty points are coming into affect in a week or so. So I did what any curious person does, especially considering I'm still learning to drive, I Googled penalty points and as expected there was a nice .ie address all about penalty points as the top result! On looking at this page, its under construction. I would upload a image I have here of the page under construction, but Blogger seem to be annoying me.

So before I start into another rant, why is the penalty points website "coming soon" since 2005, when there is a LOAD more offences coming even sooner.

FYI: found the press release of the full details here

Monday, March 27, 2006

give up

As you've seen from the previous post, I've given up on Google Reader for the while. Their Share thing doesn't even work on blogs, not to mention Page Creator! And I suppose its for the best. I have assignments coming out my hear here.

-like the way I linked to the previous blog... even tho its just below! I learnt that on some website somewhere, apparently its supposed to be good for something... who knows!

Friday, March 24, 2006

google is a hypocrite!

They are all about the sharing of Different things on your own site. They have code from video s in Google Video that allows you to put the video onto your site like so:

They also have started this new Share thing in Google Reader. Where you can share your favorite labels and over the internet. It also give you code to put on your site like so:

The thing is that their new Page Creator, which I only recently got access to, doesn't seem to be able show any of these. Instead it only allows you to edit simple pre-designed pages by adding pictures, links, files and text. I thought it would be fairly easy to incorporate them all, with links in Google Video and Reader soon saying:
Add to one of your Google Page Creator pages!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

½ day saved

Yup, It took me just under 4 months but Google Web Accelerator has apparently saved me a half a day! I saved the first hour in 3 weeks or 21 days.

So with a bit of maths: it has been 120 days or just over 7 weeks. My minutes per day ratio has jumped from 2.9 to 6!

Now I must figure out what I'm going to do with my free half a day!

Monday, March 20, 2006


I saw 24 last night, and I've been following it since the start of this season. I've seen every season, except for the two on when I was working in Switzerland, Season 2 & 3.

For those of you not Irish, British or American...

24 (Twenty Four) is a current U.S. television action/drama series, produced by the Fox Network. Each season covers the events of one day in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer. The show also follows Jack's colleagues at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, as well as the actions of both various terrorists and the White House.This real-time nature of 24 gives the show a strong sense of urgency, emphasized by the ticking of an on-screen digital clock appearing from time to time. Throughout every episode the action switches between different locations, following the parallel adventures of different characters all involved in the same story.
It is a kick ass show, I loved every other season. The problem this season is that unlike every other one, its as if they are making 24 separate episodes with every odd one overlapping. The way it finished this week didn't have me sitting on the edge of my seat because there is nothing to wait for next week. The terrorists got away and CTU have no leads. Its like a self contained episode. Granted the content of each episode is kick ass and brilliant to watch, don't get me wrong, its just the season doesn't seem to be linked and stretched over all the episodes (if your still following me...)

One of my friends is getting pissed off with me when I go on about this, and he is a 24/Jack Bauer die hard fan. He didn't want to even listen to me this week, altho did go on about this for a few weeks (well each Monday)... he doesn't want to hear bad words said about his beloved show. I also found out online, as i was doing a bit of research for this post (to see if anyone else feels the same) that Edgar Dies! Nooo!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I've gotten my act together finally... got my atom feed on feedburner. As as i put it up, i have 0 readers! But i'm not too worried!

If you do read this blog via some sort of reader... please Please PLEASE unsubscribe and subscribe again through this feedburner! Then i know how many people love me!

If you don't read me through a reader, may i recomend Google Reader... nice and easy!

Cheers and much Love!

the kid

I was in my local... which I'm afraid to say, is still the Corner House due to the lack of choice... last night for a 21st! And the Last 21st I'll have to go to I think! Amy's Birthday ends a long line of 21st starting back in June 2 years ago! Moving onto the next big birthday bash, the 25th's!!

So I was sitting in the pub and looked across and noticed that no other than The Kid, Michael Cahill and I still refer to him as The Kid... and there is nothing you can do about it. I managed to catch a poor low light image on my phone of him just for you guys.. whoever you are...

Yup, I did warn you it was bad quality! But a 2fm DJ in my local! What's the world coming to?! (I thought he usually drank in Cogans...)

Friday, March 17, 2006

late late

Just watching the Late Late Show, and disappointed that Plastic Pat couldn't wear a green tie or anything, no shamrock or anything! Sure its only St. Patrick's Day! Maybe his 'Yes' men forgot to tell him that because was St. Patrick's Day he might want to wear something to make the occasion!

Shane McGawen and Ronney Drew are just on... Interesting... But the camera's weren't too bothered in zooming in too close to them and more fascinated in the musicians in the background! Also a very fast break was taken... I think Shane has a glass of something alright in his hand. What's that you say... Rating puller?

If I haven't said it before, Pat Kenny is my Mortal Enemy.

3 posts in 1 day... Aren't we all lucky:o)


I finally got my foot into orkut!

Designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships! I needed an Invite and in all fairness, it only took me a few hours of searching to get an Invitation! It was always on my to-do list but no one I knew was a member. And from looking at the website, its like a secret group of honored people get invited! Now that I'm in it isn't like that at all! Its full of Brazilians as well...

If you want an invite, send me a email and I will be more than happy to invite you!

UPDATE: Forgot to say, if your a member of orkut, add me to your friends!! Awh go on!

a year or so!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! March 17th and all!

And it, or 2 days ago marks a year since I started blogging on here, altho there is a lot of posts from my previous two summers that I included here!

So what does the next year have in store? I'm finishing up college finally in May, and then a Summer of fluting about until I go to Canada for 6 months to a year, when who knows, I might come back and go back to college for a post grad... who knows, there is always Switzerland :oP

Anyway, I hope to have an influx of posts in the next few days and weeks, lets see how long I can go without missing a day without a post...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


DesktopEarth is a class little program that you can use as your desktop wallpaper.

Day and night is accurately represented depending on the Sun's overhead position (which depends on both the time of day and the day of the year) and both the snow cover and the foliage changes with the seasons.
Holding Pattern is another class program that you can use as your screensaver! I am fed up at looking at the slideshow as mine so i found this! Its turns your screen into an airplane window, complete with a moving aerial view! Can you loose? I think not!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've spend the last week and this weekend putting a load of photos onto Ringo. I've tried a few other online photo sharing and hosting services like Flickr and the likes. Flickr is great, but has a upload limit for each month, and doesn't allow you to group photos into sets or albums. Well it does but your only allowed 3 sets. I like the way Flickr's Tags work tho.

There is a lot I like about Ringo as well. It it more friends based, allowing you to see and view friends a lot easier than Flickr, as well as their updates! And it has no upload limit, only 30 pictures at a time, but you can get over that!

So if your my friend and you wanna see my photos! Join me on Ringo! And as the Website says:
It's surprisingly easy and useful!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP!

These are quite amazing and a real secret! Some of the ones I'm using at the moment are: ClearType Tuner, Alt-Tab Replacement and Tweak UI!

  • ClearType Tuner is excellent, and it has got to be seen to be believed. Everything is so much crisper and clearer, its as if everything has been polished!
  • Alt-Tab Replacement is a nice neat trick, especially if you like switching windows using Alt-Tab! It gives you a little preview of what each window open looks like!
  • Tweak UI is simply brilliant. You can change soo much about the windows interface. There is so much to explore with it!
As it says at the start, you need Windows XP to use these toys! Try them out, there is loads other!

My Blog looks so much nicer with the ClearType :o)

Friday, March 03, 2006

one million articles

Congratulations to Wikipedia!

It has reached 1,000,000 articles! [1]

The article was one called Jordanhill Railway Station. I'm really surprised how in a matter of 1 or 2 days that a tiny article that would probably be left as a stub has grown into a huge fully fledged article!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

west wing

I'm looking forward to The West Wing tonight. I only became a fan very very late on, and it was about half way through the fifth season when I realized I kinda like this fast talking drama thingy that revolves around the oval office, which I also have a interest in and all the stuff that goes with it!

I was meant to blog about how annoyed I was about RTÉ pushing one of the episodes back a week to show some stupid thing that they couldn't find space for on the schedule. Speaking of which, there will be no LOST next week as the Oscars are being shown! COMON RTɉ!!!

A bit off track there, but i didn't speak my mind here about it because Dec got there before me, and he is a far better blogger than I! So just read his post! Altho what's wrong with Podge and Podge?!

Also with the death of John Spencer as Leo McGarry its going to be a very interesting season. Although the spotlight has been taken off the West Wing and more on the campaign trail, it took a really interesting turn last week to watch the version of the live televised presidentialal debate. I hope the next person running for President of the United States takes a point or two from what Vinick and Santos showed us last week!