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Thursday, March 02, 2006

west wing

I'm looking forward to The West Wing tonight. I only became a fan very very late on, and it was about half way through the fifth season when I realized I kinda like this fast talking drama thingy that revolves around the oval office, which I also have a interest in and all the stuff that goes with it!

I was meant to blog about how annoyed I was about RTÉ pushing one of the episodes back a week to show some stupid thing that they couldn't find space for on the schedule. Speaking of which, there will be no LOST next week as the Oscars are being shown! COMON RTɉ!!!

A bit off track there, but i didn't speak my mind here about it because Dec got there before me, and he is a far better blogger than I! So just read his post! Altho what's wrong with Podge and Podge?!

Also with the death of John Spencer as Leo McGarry its going to be a very interesting season. Although the spotlight has been taken off the West Wing and more on the campaign trail, it took a really interesting turn last week to watch the version of the live televised presidentialal debate. I hope the next person running for President of the United States takes a point or two from what Vinick and Santos showed us last week!


  1. Nothing wrong with "A Scare at Bedtime" but their chat show makes me search the listings for a repeat of the Late Late Show :-)

    You have to get a copy of the first 4 seasons, they were brilliant. The best episode being "Two Cathedrals" in Season 2, especially the scene where Bartlet lectures God, in Latin!

  2. Getting the rest of the seasons is on my list, and once i've started making it, i might get the huge box set, season 1-6, the Bartlet Years!

    It's true, "A Scare at Bedtime" was brilliant. But i suppose I see the new one as "it will do coz there is nothing else on!"