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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

trust the capital

Not to say that it wouldn't of happened the same way if it was down here, but it wouldn't of! :oP

Putting aside the fact Cork is the Real Capital why oh why did the people incharge allow a march like that to go ahead? As someone said today, its like the British allowing us Irish to march in London, and it's NOT Patrick's Day!

There is really no one to blame! Sure you can pass the buck from one group to the order like the council, the GardaĆ­­, the government, the media, the marchers or the ruffians but it all boils down to "Ha, the Country has a load of shits and its coz we have joke laws!"

On the lighter side, I do blame the Kaiser Chiefs. Bet you haven't heard that one before? Eh Eh Eh? ALRIGHT! You've heard it, now STOP saying it! OK! Grrr!...

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