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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my star

I got an email from eBay today, telling me that I got my Yellow Star!

When you look at your User Name you will see that you now have a Yellow Star next to your name. This means that you have received 10 Positive Feedback comments. Users with Stars next to their names can be seen to be serious members of the Community. Your star shows others that you have successfully completed 10 transactions. As a Seller, your star lets others feel at ease when purchasing from you and gives you access to Selling Manager.

I also notice that I have saved over 6 hours surfing the internet using Google Web Accelerator! That's ¼ of a day!

Today Google also allows you to save your chats from Google Talk into your Gmail! Go Google!

1 comment:

  1. And another annoying thing was that email came from eBay.co.uk, not eBay.ie, and it had .co.uk stuck all over it.

    Photoshop cleared it up on my cert, but thats just bloody annoying!