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Monday, December 31, 2007


Its that time of the year, the end of it. And like last year, here is the wrap up!

Its been a excellent year here, I've moved to a new domain, masking the fact I'm using Blogger, I've written a total of 95 posts which produced a total of 84 comments!

For those statisticians out there, here is a break down of whats been happening here on the site:

Total for 2007:

  • 10,222 - Page Loads
  • 7,522 - Unique Visitors
  • 6,253 - First Time Visitors
  • 1,269 - Returning Visitors
On average, each day:
  • 28 - Page Loads
  • 21 - Unique Visitors
  • 17 - First Time Visitors
  • 3 - Returning Visitors
Top 5 posts this year:
  1. RTÉ Edits Wikipedia
  2. Bebo Badge
  3. Global Heating
  4. Kandersteg Webcam
  5. Emigrating to Canada
Traffic Sources:
  • 56.63% - Search Engines
  • 32.84% - Referring Sites
  • 10.53% - Direct Traffic
Top Countries:
  • 29.35% - Ireland
  • 19.16% - United States
  • 15.20% - United Kingdom
  • 6.23% - Canada
  • 4.71% - Sweden
  • 25.35% - Other (96 including: Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Brazil, etc..)
Top Cities:
  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • London
  • Växjö
  • Vancouver
Top Browsers:
  • 54.85% - Internet Explorer
  • 38.01% - Firefox
  • 4.32% - Safari
  • 2.82% - Other (Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Camino, etc..)
Top Operating Systems:
  • 89.79% - Windows
  • 8.20% - Macintosh
  • 2.01% - Other (Linux, Playstation 3, etc..)
Total Feed Subscribes: 41

Hope you all had a fantastic 2007 and looking forward to 2008! (100 years of Scouting in Ireland!!) That's it for me for this year, off to Clon, just like old times! Thanks to everyone again for reading, commenting, subscribing and supporting me :-)


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy birthday baby jesus

Wishing you all the merriest of Christmases! This is my Christmas card to everyone I know. It saves paper and the environment! Go me! Plus I only have to write this once and saves loads of time on writing cards and emails and stuff. I also get to wish everyone who reads this blog and I don't know a merry Christmas!

IsItChristmas.com is currently showing me a "IS EA" for some reason. Hopefully it will turn into a "YES" in the morning!!


If you don't celebrate Christmas and prefer to refer to this time of the year as holidays or Festivus or whatever, I could say stop leaching off Jesus' Birthday, but then that wouldn't be very nice, after all it is Christmas!

Click Play to watch the True Story of Santa!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

year in review

Like last year, you take the first sentence from the first post for each month of the year. It gives you a summary of 2007!

January: So I put off this post for a while.

Febuary: I'm going to do a month by month review of my posts on the Team Geared Up Blog here on my blog... *

March: What I've been up to lately: A bit of house keeping, replacing Gurr with Grrr!

April: A new month, some new changed to the blog!

May: This Saturday is 24 Hours of Flickr.

June: Following up on the RSS in Plain English video, Common Craft have created a video explaining wikis!

July: Ever wonder what you might look like as a Simpsons chatater?

August: Mid-July Blogger rolled out a new feature: You can now specify a URL to which Blogger will redirect your feed's traffic!

September: Last week my Aunt received this letter from BSkyB or Sky about Sky+.

October: My RTÉ post got a lot of reaction.

November: Now that Hallowe'en is finished for the year, it has given everyone the all clear to start to talk about the C word.

December: I finally got around to scanning in the newspaper article from the Sunday Tribune about my post on RTÉ editing Wikipedia.

* Not going to use them as the first post each month, coz then this would be a page of links and boring!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

google earth update

Google have updated their imagery on Google Earth. This includes more updated images of Carrigaline. This time the photos were taken in April this year.

Carrigaline Old
This is the old imagery from Google Maps. You can see the green space where Dunnes Store will go, and work is started on Lidl.

Carrigaline New

Then bang! On Google Earth, the new Dunnes and Lidl can be seen as well as a new roundabout! Barry Collins Car park has gotten a face lift too!

If you want to check out the differences, look quick because it won't be long until the update Google Maps!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

flickr goodies

Today Flickr released two new things!

First is their new Uploadr application. Nice design and finally allowing you to edit titles and descriptions before you upload!

Flickr Uploadr

The second new feature (for pro accounts only) is Stats (finally)!
Be enthralled by graphs and chats!
Learn which of your photos are popular today, this week, or over all time
Discover where your visitors are coming from
See how they found you
Thrill at a helpful breakdown of your photos.

Apparently it takes a little while to dig up the numbers for my account, so I have to check back tomorrow and things should be ready then!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've been trying out a TumbleLog for the last week or so and I like it. What are they:

To make a simple analogy: If blogs are journals, tumblelogs are scrapbooks.
It is basically any video, image or link I find amusing and want to share with the world. I'm not going to writing a post here about every silly video or funny picture I see, because then this blog would loose its perception of high quality and top class I've tricked you all into thinking it has!

So if you want cheap laughs and to see what I've been finding interesting online, you can check out my full rss enabled tumble log! Simply titled Darran.


Monday, December 10, 2007

winter pinkie

Cork Scout Conor aka God has started his weeks training at Kandersteg to become a Pinkie!

He is the first Irish winter short term staff in a long time, and the first Cork short term staff since Summer 2003!

We won't hold the fact he is from Fermoy against him. He is on the other hand keeping us up-to-date with his goings on via a Blog. So far he has been pretty good, with updates from Dublin airport and even after the first nights training!

Forgive the cringe worthy colours used and just subscribe via RSS.

Friday, December 07, 2007

in the paper

I finally got around to scanning in the newspaper article from the Sunday Tribune about my post on RTÉ editing Wikipedia.

Employees of RTE 'edited' competitors' Wikipedia site

Article from the Sunday Tribune 9th September 2007
SundayTribune Web Version

In other news, you can get to my photos by going here: photos.langersblog.com :-)