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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

year in review

Here is something you can all try. I got this idea from a Blog I'm reading the simple life honey about someone who is also in Whistler! You take the first sentence from the first post for each month of the year. It gives you a summary of 2006! Maybe next year I might be more creative at the start of each month! Strange to look back at the year! Good times, good times!!

January: So its the start of a New Year and this is usually the time I make 1 very achievable goal for my self!

February: Conor... the optician... or whatever.... you work with glasses...

March: I'm looking forward to The West Wing tonight.

April: That is what the penalty points website looked like up until Sunday, the day before the new points came into affect, and the same they the government started advertising on TV and Radio.

May: This guy bet his girlfriend that any old website could get 2million hits.

June: I came across this website that generates a graph of any website by reading the html on the page, and then makes a a graph to represent what it finds!

July: Ciara Crowley & John O'Mahony

August: I have added 5 more!

September: I have visited 11 countries (4%)... i better get moving!

October: Taidy arrived home today and was so tired he fell asleep in Conors.

November: I have arrived in Canada!

December: I got my left wisdom teeth out yesterday.

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