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Sunday, December 31, 2006


What a year! I did not have any killer post this year that push my page views up to over 1,400 in one month like last year, but I'm not still doing too bad!

Total for 2006:

  • 3,821 - Page Loads
  • 2,439 - Unique Visitors
  • 1,948 - First Time Visitors
  • 491 - Returning Visitors
On average, each day:
  • 12 - Page Loads
  • 8 - Unique Visitors
  • 6 - First Time Visitors
  • 1 - Returning Visitors
I hope everyone had a great 2006. For me it has worked out fantastic, but I'm really looking forward to 2007! Have a great night where ever and when ever you are in the world when you ring in the new year!

That's it for me for this year... Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting and supporting me :-)

signing off...


Friday, December 29, 2006

happy everything

It has been a very busy week;

It was Christmas!! It came and went so fast! Not too bad for my first Christmas away from home. We went skiing for the morning, where I taught how to Ski. After about 2 or 3 hours, we decided i needed a bit of time to get off the green slope and get in some real runs! Myself and Taidy headed up to a very windy peak. It was a total white out as we took the peak-to-creek run down, turning off to head towards mid-station (have I mentioned enough runs that no one knows what I'm talking about yet...? Here is a map!) to meet Heather. It was impossible to see where you were or where you were going at the top. You had to rely on people being in front of you to see their outline, or else if you were lucky, there was a marker warning you of a cliff or something. Good times!

Following a trip home to open presents, and a Shower we headed out for Christmas Dinner. We had reservations booked at the Hilton in Whistler! It was a lovely buffet Christmas dinner, with as much as you want to eat. I had 2 starters, a main course, another starter and then some desert! It was class, we didn't have to wash up or anything after!

After that it was out for a bit of dancing, or that was the plan, which failed on 2 accounts, 1. We were way too early for dancing, and the club was empty and 2. We were all stuffed after dinner! So it was home and then to bed after a great day! I hope you all had a good day what ever you got up to.

The day after, Stephen's Day was so lovely! The sky was so blue and the sun was shining so bright! If I wasn't trying to get over this cold I have I would of loved to be up the mountain.

Besides that I have be working like a trooper, and going to enjoy a well deserved day off on the slopes tomorrow! I hope you all had a great Baby Jesus Birthday and everyone has a plan for New Years. Back to the Future I, II and III over in Nordic Drive if anyone interested in attending :oP

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I know that friends and people I know read this Blog from time to time, thanks to StatCounter! I see how they find my blog and what they are looking at. I don't usually take notice because it could be any one of my friends.

Yesterday I noticed that I got a visitor from Ireland, finding my Blog via a Search for Taidy and their address had a host name ending with .amazon.com. There could be only one person that fits a description like this! If i was putting money on it... I would have to guess...

Was it you reading my Blog? You know you can all leave comments after every Post!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

back online

Early Friday morning our broadband connection was lost at home. After nearly 5 days were back online here in Whistler. Bloody ridiculous!

It has been terrible for business, the week before Christmas, as if you used high-speed Internet access for your credit or debit cards you could not process any of these transactions. Thus a severe loss of business. I know where I was working, we didn't have a dial-up back up in place and it took till Sunday before we had to set it up ourselves.

This is not helped either with Whistler Cable/SHAW Cable and their terrible technical support. I was in contact with them 5 times in total, twice for work and the rest for home, the first time to find out was it us or is everyone out. They could only give me a straight (or correct) answer last time I rang. Every other time they didn't really know what the problem was at the moment or when it would be fixed. About as helpful as a kick in the face.

I really wouldn't mind if they told us what went wrong, which we now know:

Heavy snow had weighed down B.C. Hydro wires on a transmitter near Whistler, which touched the Telus line, knocking out ADSL access to Whistler and neighbouring Pemberton.
But we weren't. There was a severe lack of communication. It was word of mouth and rumour that kept us up to date. Things I've heard over the last five days were from Solar flares and Sun spots to the Internet would be out for at least 2 weeks. We found out yesterday it had something to do with a fiber-optic line broken, which really isn't true either. What kind of Joke Company is this... would they got away with this in Ireland? Maybe... but I'm sure there would be way more complaining ;-)

On the lighter side of things, I started to Snowboard yesterday. I would show you a video of my first few runs, but Taidy took it so who knows when I will have access to it...

wii fitness

I did it!
I got my Wii Sports, Wii Fitness age down to 20! The perfect Score! And here is the proof:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

sushi village

I had Sushi for the first time ever last night. We have been putting it off for a while now, but considering there are a few sushi restaurants here in Whistler, we couldn't put off going out for some any longer.

We headed in to the Sushi Village, in the Village (funnily enough), where we tried to make out what is nicest and what we should try. Of course we didn't have a clue, so we just got come combinations.

For starters:

  • Sweet Potato Tempura - サツマイモの天ぷら
This was basically sweet potato, that kinda looked like deep fried hash browns. It was alright, it gave up some practice with using our chopsticks to get ready for the main course. Which was a selection of:
  • Tekka-Maki - 鉄火巻き - Fresh tuna wrapped in the center
  • Kappa-Maki - かっぱ巻き - Sliced cucumber in the center
  • Salmon-Maki - サーモン巻き - Fresh salmon in the center
  • Spicy B.B.Q. Salmon Roll - スパイシー バーベキュー サーモン 巻き - B.B.Q Salmon, avocado
  • Spicy Scallop Roll - スパイシー 帆立巻き - Scallop, Cucumber
  • Spicy Tuna Roll - スパイシー 鉄火巻き - Tuna, cucumber, radish
They were all covered in rice and then what were guessing is sea-weed type thing to hold it all together, or else the sea-weed thing and rice on the outside! We were not too fond of the Tuna or Scallop, altho the Spicy Tuna Roll was quite nice.

There was about 12 little pieces of sushi each, and it was quite filling. That also might be the fact this was our first time trying it, so we got full on raw fish pretty fast! One pointer is the small bit of green stuff you get on the side of your dish, my suggestion is, try a tiny bit and then just don't touch it. It's Wasabi and its the worst substance known to man.

Overall, it was a great night. You'd need to be in the mood for sushi, but it very different, but defiantly worth a go!

P.S. Do ya like the way I put in some Japanese into this post! Hopefully it might be noticed! Hello all my Japanese readers :-)

a tedious job

This has to be one of the most tedious jobs I have ever done. There was 60 single boxes, that first of all had to be constructed. Then I had to put some poof or stuffing in to line the bottom. Then add a single chocolate truffle. Close and seal with a little sticker. Then cut a small length of ribbon and tie it in a bow. As you can see, at this stage I had 7 done and another 53 to go! Fun fun fun!
I got them finished before the night was out. Olé!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

year in review

Here is something you can all try. I got this idea from a Blog I'm reading the simple life honey about someone who is also in Whistler! You take the first sentence from the first post for each month of the year. It gives you a summary of 2006! Maybe next year I might be more creative at the start of each month! Strange to look back at the year! Good times, good times!!

January: So its the start of a New Year and this is usually the time I make 1 very achievable goal for my self!

February: Conor... the optician... or whatever.... you work with glasses...

March: I'm looking forward to The West Wing tonight.

April: That is what the penalty points website looked like up until Sunday, the day before the new points came into affect, and the same they the government started advertising on TV and Radio.

May: This guy bet his girlfriend that any old website could get 2million hits.

June: I came across this website that generates a graph of any website by reading the html on the page, and then makes a a graph to represent what it finds!

July: Ciara Crowley & John O'Mahony

August: I have added 5 more!

September: I have visited 11 countries (4%)... i better get moving!

October: Taidy arrived home today and was so tired he fell asleep in Conors.

November: I have arrived in Canada!

December: I got my left wisdom teeth out yesterday.

trams for cork

The Green Party today unveiled plans to bring a light rail system to the city of Cork.

Dan Boyle announced that it would be a rail line connecting Ballincollig to Mahon going through the city centre. Then a spur line linking Bishopstown to CIT and Cork University Hospital. After that they could extended the line to Passage West, (and maybe Carrigaline?) and develop a light rail network for the Northside of the city.

After that news, other candidates and councillors came up with more crazier plans such as a harbour water bus service, from the city centre to Ringaskiddy, Rochestown, Cobh and Mahon.

Altho the plan for re-opening the Cork to Midleton rail line isn't really a bad idea, it could work! But what about re-opening the Cork to Crosshaven line? Servicing Carrigaline, that would take a lot of cars off the road. Pitty most of that old rail line is a road now!

But whatever the government does, they have left cork out of this transport 21 plan. They have to do something!! Get the finger out >:-(

Monday, December 11, 2006

euro firefox

The Internet Browser Firefox is in Europe. As you can see, very much so in Finland, Germany and Poland as you can see from this map.

The browser is now used by some 23.2 per cent of European PC web surfers - up from 19.4% in April.
This shows that there is a lot more non-technical people using Firefox. That's good!

Spread the word! Spread the Fire! Get your families, friends, next door neighbours, EVERYONE to use it!!

P.S. Big shout out to the Danish and Norwegian readers reading my Blog! Please identify yourselves!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


So we have had the Wii for the last 2 weeks, and it's Brilliant! Here is a photo of Taidy getting really really excited about getting his own Nunchuk and Wiimote!We have a total of 90 Mii's, who take many forms from Friends at home to Famous people and complete members of bands! A detailed list will be posted here when I'm in the mood!

The best game by far is Wii Sports! The free game that comes with it. I'm a Professional in Tennis and Bowling and on my there with Golf and Baseball. Boxing is just too energetic for me so it will be the last one I go for!

Every night at mid-night we do out fitness, where we are given 3 random training levels and have to do out best at them. Then the Wii calculates our age! I've been between 22 and 35 mostly!

The other games we have are Red Steel and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Haven't really gotten into them yet, as most of our time is spent getting out skill level up on Wii Sports!

If you have a Wii and would like to see some of our Mii's, our console address is: 6429936395951829 or send an email to our console at w6429936395951829[at]wii.com

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

day of the ninja

Today is the Annual Day of the Ninja.

On this day, people are encouraged to dress as ninja, engage in ninja-related activities, and spread information on ninja via the Internet.

Not to be confused with Talk like a Pirate Day, this is totally different. The last thing we want is a Ninja-Pirate blood fest. Altho it would make a great movie!

Other names for today include:
  • International Creep Like a Ninja Day
  • Stalk Like a Ninja Day
  • Sneak Like a Ninja Day
  • Move Like a Ninja Day
  • or simply Ninja Day

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I got my left wisdom teeth out yesterday. YUCK.

That's about all the news i have. I won't be skiing for a few days and I don't have work till Friday, so I'm just relaxing!

I've closed up on my own about 3 times now, twice with Zero Cash Difference! I even got practice with the Alarm! Saturday night when i armed the alarm, and closed the shop, I forgot i left the safe open. So i knew it took a while to fully alarm the shop, so i waited what seemed like for ages and then opened the door again. Straight away the alarm went off... so loud as well! It wasn't fun. I then had to turn it off and wait on the phone while an operator at the alarm company could take my call! Interesting night indeed!

That's me!