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Friday, December 29, 2006

happy everything

It has been a very busy week;

It was Christmas!! It came and went so fast! Not too bad for my first Christmas away from home. We went skiing for the morning, where I taught how to Ski. After about 2 or 3 hours, we decided i needed a bit of time to get off the green slope and get in some real runs! Myself and Taidy headed up to a very windy peak. It was a total white out as we took the peak-to-creek run down, turning off to head towards mid-station (have I mentioned enough runs that no one knows what I'm talking about yet...? Here is a map!) to meet Heather. It was impossible to see where you were or where you were going at the top. You had to rely on people being in front of you to see their outline, or else if you were lucky, there was a marker warning you of a cliff or something. Good times!

Following a trip home to open presents, and a Shower we headed out for Christmas Dinner. We had reservations booked at the Hilton in Whistler! It was a lovely buffet Christmas dinner, with as much as you want to eat. I had 2 starters, a main course, another starter and then some desert! It was class, we didn't have to wash up or anything after!

After that it was out for a bit of dancing, or that was the plan, which failed on 2 accounts, 1. We were way too early for dancing, and the club was empty and 2. We were all stuffed after dinner! So it was home and then to bed after a great day! I hope you all had a good day what ever you got up to.

The day after, Stephen's Day was so lovely! The sky was so blue and the sun was shining so bright! If I wasn't trying to get over this cold I have I would of loved to be up the mountain.

Besides that I have be working like a trooper, and going to enjoy a well deserved day off on the slopes tomorrow! I hope you all had a great Baby Jesus Birthday and everyone has a plan for New Years. Back to the Future I, II and III over in Nordic Drive if anyone interested in attending :oP

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