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Saturday, September 30, 2006


If you have ever had a Toblerone bar, you will notice the picture of the Matterhorn on it. Linking into its Swiss history eh?! What else do you notice on it?

Well it was only last week that my eyes were opened to something that has been in front of me for several years and I never noticed it before!! There is a hidden image on the mountain linking into their Bern History. Its so well hidden that no Swiss person I have asked knows about!

This, I believe, is an unbelievable discovery!!
Tell the world!

Friday, September 29, 2006


The new series of Extras by Ricky Gervais is up and running for the last few weeks, but its the theme song at the end of the show that got me searching the internet. Mind you it didn't take too long to find the answer, it took a bit to find the actual song!

Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman

Bring tea for the Tillerman
Steak for the son
Wine for the women who made the rain come
Seagulls sing your hearts away
'Cause while the sinners sin, the children play

Oh Lord how they play and play
For that happy day, for that happy day

Thursday, September 28, 2006

deirdre o'kane

Saw her last night in the Cork Opera House. I'm no reviewer or expert on writing the perfect article on her, but i can search the Internet and bring you an overview of the show:

Funny and feisty, warm and down to earth, she chatters on engagingly for an hour of babies and how they affect your flirting; the terrible service you get in Ireland; an increasingly mad tale of having her car clamped; insomnia and nursery rhymes.

Added to this there is O'Kane's rich fantasy life, in which she shops at Argos with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, chats baby names with Victoria Beckham and frets about the wellbeing of Katie Holmes. O'Kane is wonderfully comfortable on the stage and with her audience.

via Edinburgh Festivals

Now i thought she she did go on for a bit about babies, pregnancy and more babies. Fair enough she just had her own child (and another on the way?) so she had a lot to say on that subject. That went down a treat with all the women in the room, but after the first 30 minutes i thought it was time to move on!

It was my first comedy show as such and i did get a good laugh out of her. Andrew Stanley was on before her and he was really good. Lots of audience interaction and some great jokes! Maybe he was more along the lines of my taste.

pric€ facts

Barry Collins' Price Facts!

Every few weeks there are these bright yellow leaflets in Collins' Supervalu in Carrigaline listing a number of items bought in Dunnes Stores and again in Barry Collins, and the price paid in each store and the saving made!

This week there is 39 items with a total of €93.44 in Dunnes and €92.85 in Supervalu! That's a saving of 59c!! Now don't run off just yet. Looking down through the long list of small type and prices i took out a ruler and compared each items price. There are 2 things that are cheaper in Barry Collins.

  1. Jacobs Jaffa Cakes 300g saving 8cent
  2. Amigo Orange Drink 6pk saving 51cent
If these two items are not on your regular shopping list, there is absolutly no difference in shoping between the two stores (apparently)

The small print at the end of the leaflet shows that they checked the prices in Dunnes in Ballincollig on the 18/9 and in Supervalu in Carrigaline at 11.45am on the same day! Even giving a time!

Maybe they came back from Dunnes and realised they needed to lower some of their prices and lowered those two items so the leaflet would look good and everyone would make a 59cent saving!!

Oh and have you seen their website! Talk about a mess and totally unfriendly and unusable! You think with all that money they could of asked someone who knew something about web design! http://www.collinssupervalu.com/

Monday, September 18, 2006

so far so good

I've been busy trying to get my blog back to its old self again with counters and feeds as well as trying out the new features like labels. I've already arranged my labels as a cloud instead of a list à la del.icio.us, with a nice hack I've found. I'm sure that more hacks and tips with beta will surface in the coming weeks and months, but for now I'm happy enough and will continue labeling posts! (about 50 down... another 200'ish to go)

Tomorrow morning I'm off again to Switzerland for a bit of a holiday!! So as i write this I'm not even sure I'm going to even try and get my laptop through Gatwick. They are meant to be easing their rules for flying out of the UK this week, but knowing my luck the news will break tomorrow morning as I'm in the air to London!

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

blogger beta

So i finally made the change over to Blogger beta. New features include:
Customisable Archive: I organised my posts by month, and they go back to 2003. So the list of months was quite long previously, not they are broken down by year then month and then by post! Way nice to look at!
Labels: Like with Gmail, you can now label your posts so you can view similar posts with the same label
Future Posting: I can write now and publish later!
Nice Looking Dashboard: For the better blogging experience ;-)

All these are nice and dandy, but its a lot of work getting the template back up and similar to what it was before you make the switch. Counters have to be re-installed and the new template need a bit of time in getting used to.
You also have to add labels to all your posts. It's going to take a fair bit of time I'd say with all 270 posts made in 'classic blogger'. But i do like a challenge!

Oh! Just noticed they added a Gmail type spell checker as well! Hurrah!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

feed button

Those of you not reading this via some kind of reader (which by the stats on feedburner... is everyone) I put a feed button on the page. It replaces the static rss image, so now people can subscribe to my blog via whichever is their favourite reader!

For those of you... and you know who you are ;-) who might not know what I'm talking about, a feed reader is a program or web service that allows you to read feeds or posts that are published from which ever sites you subscribe and updated each time there is a new post, thus not having to come back and check the website for any updates!

My reader of choice: Google Reader

For those of you who are reading this thru a rss reader can you please look at my previous post :o)

Update: This doesn't seem to be working in Blogger Beta....


For those non-native English speakers reading this blog, and those who have a good command of English but don't understand what I talk about most of the time, I first of all apologise.

With reference to the post 1 days saved, I forgot to mention what Google Web Accelerator was.

Google Web Accelerator is an application that uses the power of Google's global computer network to make web pages load faster. Google Web Accelerator is easy to use; all you have to do is download and install it, and from then on many web pages will automatically load faster than before.

Hope that explains how I managed to speed up my web surfing so I started saving days while surfing the internet!! :-P

Monday, September 11, 2006

911 cover up

An interesting mini-movie about September 11th and ideas around it and making you ask questions about if it really was a cover up. If you have 80 minutes to spare today or this week, have a watch of this.

Its really good.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

1.0 days saved

Google Web Accelerator update:

I've had it installed since November 22nd. I had the first half day saved in 4 months and it took me another 5 and a half months to get the rest of the day!

My new minutes per day saved has dropped from 6 to just under 5! Altho I didn't use my laptop for about 6 weeks this summer.

I wonder what I will do with my free day?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

no playstation 3 for christmas

Burn on Sony!!

Score another one for Microsoft!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

countries i visited

I have visited 11 countries (4%)... i better get moving!
Or i could view all the countries i have worked with before (19%):