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Monday, March 09, 2015

hbo nordic

I've been a HBO Nordic subscriber for the past year, but I'm going to stop today.

According to their website (only those in Nordic region can view this), they support the following:
1. Computer 
- PC and Mac only
2. Tablet/Mobile 
- iOS and Android only (I'm grouping these together since the lines between tablet and mobile are blurred anyway)
3. TV (three weak options)
- HBO is available as a 24 hour linear channel. More information will follow. (I've been waiting over a year, still no infomation)
- A small set of Smart TVs - Samsung TV's Series 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (2011-2014)
- Running a HDMI Cable from your computer (I think this just confirms you can watch HBO Nordic on a computer)
4. Xbox 360

That is it.

They don't support any modern way of viewing TV.

  • No Chromecast Support
  • No Apple TV* Support
  • No Playstation 3 Support
  • No Playstation 4 Support
  • No Xbox One Support

*While they have support for AirPlay Mirroring on Apple TV, it is far from ideal. You have to play the show on your device and then mirror it to the Apple TV. This drains the battery on your device since it is playing on it and then displaying it on screen. I've also tested it and there is some lag, and blurred lines. It isn't a enjoyable viewing experience.

The only way I can watch HBO Nordic is on my Xbox 360. Even then I run into this problem:

I've been told many times I have to crawl under the TV where all the plugs are, unplug my Xbox, wait and replug it. It works sometimes, and other times it doesn't. What it always does it return back to the same Video Player Error screen after I finish an episode.

The year is 2015. It is a lot to ask for some proper device support? I can watch Netflix on every device mentioned in this post with no problems, as well as my LG Smart TV.

Finally, I have a post from February 2013 on the HBO Nordic Facebook page:
"Hela AirPlay" which was translated here as "All the AirPlay", I would understand as Full AirPlay still isn't here. Still only the mirroring option. Still no PS3 option, I guess their talks with Sony didn't go too well.

There are far better ways I can view HBO Nordics content, I tried the legitimate route, but they are forcing me to seek other ways to get the content.

Friday, June 07, 2013

sudocrem in sweden

I noticed a post today on Reddit about Sudocrem.

Sudocrem 1931 invented by Dublin pharmacist Thomas Smith. Sure where would we be without it? Every tub of Sudocrem sold worldwide is still made in Baldoyle.

Well holy god! Isn't that great!

That little grey tub that works wonders on nappy rash and is the leading baby cream in both Ireland and the UK was an Irish invention. I wonder if they sell it here in Sweden? I quick search on Apoteket.se for blöjeksem and blöjutslag shows 3 products available for that purpose. None of them Sudocrem.
  • Inotyol - 54kr for 50g (432kr for 400g)
  • Bepanthen - 55kr for 30g (733kr for 400g)
  • Generic brand Babysalva - 49kr for 60g (327kr for 400g)
Inotyol and Bepanthen seem to be the two favourites talking to a few people and looking at some of the forums. 

I put the price per 400g for a reason. The big 400g tub of Sudocrem on Boots.co.uk is currently £6.25 or about 64kr. Go back and look at the price per 400g for the options available here in Sweden.

Now imagine paying over 10 times the price of Sudocrem for something you're going to rub on the arse of a baby.

Welcome to Sweden.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Every website and service online asks me to input a web address in my "profile" and I always found it difficult to pick one. Do my mad ramblings on here get higher precedence over the obscure that I post to Tumblr or on Twitter or perhaps I want you to add me on Facebook? A personal landing page is perfect if you're looking to unify all your online profiles. And I have a few profiles.

For the past few years I've used flavors.me which served me well, but I never liked the design and there was a few options you had to pay for to tweek the page exactly how I liked it. There are others such as about.me and dooid.me which preform a similar function too.

I needed a domain for my new landing page, and eventually realising that the furniture store, who has without fail for the past 15+ years re-registered their domain darran.com on time, it is time to move on. Also the fuckers at the Irish Domain Registry only allow first and last names, plus the cost for an .ie domain (and cost of registered a business in my first name) is ridiculous, I'm quite happy to not buy Irish.

Last year while renewing and changing domain registrars from GoDaddy to NameCheap I decided to splash out and purchase my one first name domain, perfect for my own personal landing page.

I was inspired by a business card I saw a few years ago which had something similar to the image below. I loved the simplicity of it all.

After a year I finally got around to putting something on it that I'm not ashamed of. The design is from John over at TentBlogger, where he has loads of reasons why you should have a page like this and a few designs you can use. I modified his version using the iPhone image, but since there is a new version, I had to make a few more images to update the site! After all I do love my iPhone 5!

So for all things Darran Crowley visit darran.info.

Friday, February 22, 2013

scout doodle

Subject: Not one Scout on your doodle team?
To: proposals@google.com


The worlds largest youth organisation celebrates the Birthday of it's Founder, Lord Baden-Powell today 22nd February. Yet again I notice a non-scouty Doodle on the homepage (sad face)

As I look at the Google homepage every day of the year, I notice all the birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, elections, national and independence days and out of the ordinary days. Last year on this day you celebrated Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th Birthday, (fun fact, he was born the same day and year as Baden-Powell) and the only previous doodles to be featured on February 22nd was in 2002, 2006 and 2010 for the Winter Olympics. I'd place a safe bet that on this day next year there will be an Olympic themed doodle on the front of your homepage.

So the Scouting and Guiding community world wide, all 38 million members (not including past members!) in 217 countries will have to wait until at least 2015 for the next available window and a possibility to be celebrated on the worlds most viewed homepage.

I urge you to read up on Baden-Powell, Scouting and Guiding world wide and make a note in your calendar for 2 years time! I know I'll be excited to wake up and see if Scouting will get the celebration and recognition I believe it deserves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Kind Regards,