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Saturday, April 29, 2006

i still care

It may look like I only post once a week, but believe me, I'd be posting every odd day if I could.

You get into a flow of posting if you keep it up regularly, where you can come up with newer and better and way more interesting things to talk about than just giving out about things you notice and say to yourself "I'm going to have to blog about that". But if you leave it slide, it gets harder to jump back in.

I'm going to be swamped for the next 3ish week, my exams are coming up, and even tho its a 4 year degree, the last 3 years mean NOTHING when it comes to the type of degree I get. It all boils down to these last 6 subjects and exams. And these subjects aren't a continuation of previously studied ones, they are fresh and new! Like all the other years!

Anyway, just a post to let you know I care, all my random and strange readers, esp the guy from Ireland who keeps getting here by having to type langers blog into Google! Why not subscribe to my feed burner, which still says 0 readers, even tho I know I subscribed :oS

Monday, April 24, 2006

census 2006

It's that time of the how ever long it is between Censuses!! Tonight every single person in the country is registered and accounted for. One of the Scout Parents I know is one of the Enumerators and it sounds like a pretty interesting job. Tonight she is on call and has to make a trip to the port in Ringaskiddy to ask the ships that are docked to fill out those forms!!

They get 30cent for each delivered form, and 30cent for each form collected, then months later if the form is processed correctly, she gets 3.50euro or something for each form. Onto that there is about 150euro for the room that you have to use for storage, travel expenses and other things like that. There was over 500 applicants for the 11 Enumerator places in my area. Then a interview process to cut down the list as well is the test at the start if you could fill in the application form correctly and completely!!

It's all fascinating stuff, who knows in another 4 years or so, I might apply myself!! Last Census I remember filling it out, and the education section all I have completed was Primary School or my Junior Cert even tho I was about to just sit my Leaving Cert in 2 months! This time around, after nearly 4 years of college I am only allowed to tick the Leaving Cert part of the education details, because there is just about 1 month left in college until I finally get my degree!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Were getting into playing poker, Texas hold'em to be exact. The problem i have is that i keep forgetting what cards i have, so i started taking pictures of them. I think i went all in with this hand...

Monday, April 17, 2006


While I'm here... 24 on Sky last night (Sunday)... What a show!!! And killing off Edgar, what a tear jerker, it really had you caring for the character. Man that sucks that he died. Jack is so class, as is Chloe and Kim lost some hottness... but you will get over that.

CTU, what a building... Still tho... did Edgar need to die, no, of course not, some clever writing could of fixed that and had him in the room when they were evacuating!! But yeah, rating puller and I'll sure as eggs be watching it next week to see the next episode!!

The only problem was that i saw it coming, i accidentally read it online a few weeks back. So wished i didn't read it before hand!! I might of broken down and cried...

Another problem was that Footise didn't watch it yet so i had no one to talk to about it!! JERK!!

ryan, the gobshite

I'm sitting here, listening to 2fm, and its Gerry Ryan.. AGAIN. I dont mind the fact he is on the air at all, the problem is that this is the 3rd time i'm hearing him!! This is no Joke.

Since i was off all week i was listening to him sleeply in the mornings. Then again i heard him on Saturday Morning with the "Weekly Ryan", which isn't too bad, but still, i've heard all the pieces before. It is a handy show when i'm in college or last year in work to hear some intresting things. Now the problem is that i'm sitting here, its late and i want to listen to some music. I turn on the radio and that bastard is on again, saying the exact same thing, listening to the same stories for the 3rd time. The worse thing is that i'm pretty sure that i'm going to listen to it over another night during the week.

I'm so tired and i have to listen to that fat fuck. Comon 2fm, put some music on.

*UPDATE* The News just finished, and i thought so did Gerry Ryan, but the Weekly Ryan just started after it. I'm hearing another hour of him.... AHHHH.....

Friday, April 14, 2006

oh how i hate ye

USIT. For those of you luckily enough not to of heard about these Bastards before, they are one of the Student, Youth and Independent Travel companies here in Ireland. They have the monopoly for issuing the Canadian Visa's this year, and the only way of getting a visa is going through them. This includes a nice fat fee of €€379 just for the visa. And then you must fork out between €€600 and €€775 for a flight to Canada, which I must pay for in full by tomorrow, even though I'm going till November.

So I decided to ring the call centre today to book the flights. Today being Good Friday, and NOT A PUBLIC HOLIDAY so they have no right closing up shop. I've been ringing and ringing all morning and pressing 1 to book a new flight, as well as all the other options, but my call just keeps on getting dropped. I then decided to try the rest of the offices around the country. Each one no answer. I tried the North Office and got through straight away. They are open, and she said the South is closed because of Good Friday. BASTARDS. Grrrr!!

But they will be open tomorrow, so I can book my flight tomorrow, and bitch to them some more.

Man, I am so angry at this joke company. They treat you like shit and you can't do anything, not one thing about it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

calendar update

Ok, shakey start, but I'll get over it. Its all good now. I signed out and signed back in and it set me up again. I've painstakingly added all the birthday's and changed each one to repeat each year, and good ol' Google will probably add a birthday feature soon anyway!!

But anyway, give it a go, what is there to loose!?


Google Calendar launched today, and i jumped right in. I wanted to add all the birthdays for all my friends, and i went to all the trouble finding out the correct format of an MS Outlook CSV file and formatting everything so they could easily import all the dates. That was all well and good, except i had their birthdates in there, meaning i had to go back 20 or 30 years to view the birthday. Ok, start again and put in 2006 and 2007 in as the dates, but first delete the 119 entries i already imported.

It now looks like i deleted my Google Calendar account, and i can't get it back.
I'll give it an hour or so and check it again!

got me a writely

I'm talking to you from writely! Best online "word" ever!!

Its a funny story about Writely... i saw the website on a review about web office suites. I didn't bother signing up when i saw the website, probably thinking at the time, sure i can always sign up later. Then about a week later, Google buy it out! And sure enough, they have to close its doors to the mass of people now wishing to try out Google's new toy!! Myself included. I'm not going to deny the fact i love when Google take another step in taking over the world! I want to be part of it!!

So that's it. I found the invite online easily enough, way easier than the oukut invite!! So if you wanna try it out, send me an email and i'll send over an invitation to writely for ya on the double!!

This message was brought to you from writely!

Friday, April 07, 2006


A few of the lads had to put their projects on display and present it to the public!
Why are ALL the girls flocking around Mezers Stand?Nice fit Mike!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

points website

That is what the penalty points website looked like up until Sunday, the day before the new points came into affect, and the same they the government started advertising on TV and Radio.

What a joke country we live in!