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Thursday, April 13, 2006

got me a writely

I'm talking to you from writely! Best online "word" ever!!

Its a funny story about Writely... i saw the website on a review about web office suites. I didn't bother signing up when i saw the website, probably thinking at the time, sure i can always sign up later. Then about a week later, Google buy it out! And sure enough, they have to close its doors to the mass of people now wishing to try out Google's new toy!! Myself included. I'm not going to deny the fact i love when Google take another step in taking over the world! I want to be part of it!!

So that's it. I found the invite online easily enough, way easier than the oukut invite!! So if you wanna try it out, send me an email and i'll send over an invitation to writely for ya on the double!!

This message was brought to you from writely!

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