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Monday, April 24, 2006

census 2006

It's that time of the how ever long it is between Censuses!! Tonight every single person in the country is registered and accounted for. One of the Scout Parents I know is one of the Enumerators and it sounds like a pretty interesting job. Tonight she is on call and has to make a trip to the port in Ringaskiddy to ask the ships that are docked to fill out those forms!!

They get 30cent for each delivered form, and 30cent for each form collected, then months later if the form is processed correctly, she gets 3.50euro or something for each form. Onto that there is about 150euro for the room that you have to use for storage, travel expenses and other things like that. There was over 500 applicants for the 11 Enumerator places in my area. Then a interview process to cut down the list as well is the test at the start if you could fill in the application form correctly and completely!!

It's all fascinating stuff, who knows in another 4 years or so, I might apply myself!! Last Census I remember filling it out, and the education section all I have completed was Primary School or my Junior Cert even tho I was about to just sit my Leaving Cert in 2 months! This time around, after nearly 4 years of college I am only allowed to tick the Leaving Cert part of the education details, because there is just about 1 month left in college until I finally get my degree!!!

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