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Monday, April 17, 2006


While I'm here... 24 on Sky last night (Sunday)... What a show!!! And killing off Edgar, what a tear jerker, it really had you caring for the character. Man that sucks that he died. Jack is so class, as is Chloe and Kim lost some hottness... but you will get over that.

CTU, what a building... Still tho... did Edgar need to die, no, of course not, some clever writing could of fixed that and had him in the room when they were evacuating!! But yeah, rating puller and I'll sure as eggs be watching it next week to see the next episode!!

The only problem was that i saw it coming, i accidentally read it online a few weeks back. So wished i didn't read it before hand!! I might of broken down and cried...

Another problem was that Footise didn't watch it yet so i had no one to talk to about it!! JERK!!

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