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Monday, April 17, 2006

ryan, the gobshite

I'm sitting here, listening to 2fm, and its Gerry Ryan.. AGAIN. I dont mind the fact he is on the air at all, the problem is that this is the 3rd time i'm hearing him!! This is no Joke.

Since i was off all week i was listening to him sleeply in the mornings. Then again i heard him on Saturday Morning with the "Weekly Ryan", which isn't too bad, but still, i've heard all the pieces before. It is a handy show when i'm in college or last year in work to hear some intresting things. Now the problem is that i'm sitting here, its late and i want to listen to some music. I turn on the radio and that bastard is on again, saying the exact same thing, listening to the same stories for the 3rd time. The worse thing is that i'm pretty sure that i'm going to listen to it over another night during the week.

I'm so tired and i have to listen to that fat fuck. Comon 2fm, put some music on.

*UPDATE* The News just finished, and i thought so did Gerry Ryan, but the Weekly Ryan just started after it. I'm hearing another hour of him.... AHHHH.....

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