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Friday, April 14, 2006

oh how i hate ye

USIT. For those of you luckily enough not to of heard about these Bastards before, they are one of the Student, Youth and Independent Travel companies here in Ireland. They have the monopoly for issuing the Canadian Visa's this year, and the only way of getting a visa is going through them. This includes a nice fat fee of €€379 just for the visa. And then you must fork out between €€600 and €€775 for a flight to Canada, which I must pay for in full by tomorrow, even though I'm going till November.

So I decided to ring the call centre today to book the flights. Today being Good Friday, and NOT A PUBLIC HOLIDAY so they have no right closing up shop. I've been ringing and ringing all morning and pressing 1 to book a new flight, as well as all the other options, but my call just keeps on getting dropped. I then decided to try the rest of the offices around the country. Each one no answer. I tried the North Office and got through straight away. They are open, and she said the South is closed because of Good Friday. BASTARDS. Grrrr!!

But they will be open tomorrow, so I can book my flight tomorrow, and bitch to them some more.

Man, I am so angry at this joke company. They treat you like shit and you can't do anything, not one thing about it.


  1. Anonymous17/4/06 00:08

    Hi Darran what category of visa are you getting? work?

  2. Hey, Its a Student Work/Travel Visa, got directly from USIT. More info can be found here: http://canada.usit.ie/ They also have a programme for non-students.

    Jerks... i booked the flights, €834 and i still have to get insurance!!