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Thursday, July 24, 2003


one of many lizards you need to avoid stepping on! Posted by Hello

dancing at the disco

Still reading Harry Potter but I keep getting distracted... a lot of late nights. Hopefully will get to finish it before September! August 1st is coming up and plans are being put into action, we nearly know where we will be for every second and what we will be doing in those seconds from 06:00 in the morning until late into the night! Speaking of which, I'm just back from our 1st disco that we held down the village for everyone, there was about 300/400 people there. My jobs for the night were Bar at the start, then a bit of dancing and then some Police Duty, which meant I had to sit on the side of the road telling people to be quite coz its past half ten! I'm only just back now. Even thought some people will be still clearing up until 01:30 in the morning we still all have to be up for Thought of the Day at 8! Well what else happened this week? Today I lead my First Hike, but we turned back due to the weather. Oh the joys. That’s about it for this week, Keep an eye out on the official website for news or photos of me... Oh Happy Birthday to Catherine who was 20 last Sunday.
Hope your all missing me...

Thursday, July 17, 2003

flag break

One of the Bigger International Flag Breaks on a Monday Morning! Posted by Hello

usual going ons in kisc

Hello from Kandersteg again!!
I had a very interesting week this week! Last Friday I had my first International Campfire with over 600 people attending. I was helping out making sure everything was running smoothly! It was a good night!
The start of this week was nice and interesting as I was on top of the roof of the old chalet cleaning gutters! That’s some height, and the scariest thing I've ever done, but pretty damn amazing! Then I had to cycle up to the upper hutt (1890m) in the rain for a climbing workshop the next day. I was very tired, but it was a good laugh! Then today I was put in charge of a Service Project, where I had to organize and make sure that a group of Spanish made a fence in the campsite and repaired a picnic table. We did it just in time for lunch. And just as I was finishing my lunch today, a voice from behind me says "Dia Duit!” I turned around to see Colm Doyle standing there! He was there with his whole family! I was shocked! It was a great surprise and I was delighted to see a familiar face in Kandersteg. I opened the shop for them and gave them a tour of the place! It was really nice to see them. Now I wonder when everyone else will be popping in to say hello!
For now I must go, I have the day off tomorrow and I have the Harry Potter book to read, so it might be a long night!!
All the best!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Me! Leading an International Scout Campfire! Posted by Hello

staff skitt

The One and Only, Famous KISC Staff Skitt! Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 10, 2003

settling in nicely

Hello from beautiful Switzerland!
Things here are great. Were getting on with all our jobs, I'm becoming quite good at the shop till and the early mornings in catering aren’t too bad. The staff nights out are a nice break and are varied from week to week. I've also visited Thun on a day off I was planning to spend in bed and relaxing around the place. It’s a nice city, and a load of crazy people jump into the nice clear blue, Freezing River and swim down stream. I also went for a swim in the lake just out side the city and it was very welcomed because it was very hot that day.
Yesterday and today were my first two swap days and I was in programme. Yesterday I was thrown into the deep end and told to run a stone carving workshop and a screen-printing workshop, but I managed! Today I was on a Cheesery Hike for my second time, with a group of Americans, and now, after today I can lead groups up on that hike on my lonesome! Next week I think I’m at the upper hutte and I’m doing a climbing workshop.
Between now and then there will be lots to do. Shop tomorrow, Catering over the weekend and then House. Its all pretty easy, not much brainpower needed!! I also had my first day on duty last Sunday. Duty being one of the three people each day that don't get a lunch break or a dinner break or a night off because you have to stay in reception to look after any tiny or major problems or questions anyone has, you also have to do all the check-ins (or campsite chickens) and be the one who must make sure there is someone sober in the chalet all night. So when we finished at half ten we weren’t able to head off to the pub for a quick one!!
Anyhow, I must go, see how the BBQ is getting on. The theme this week is Black plastic bag fashion!
Oh, and I'm guessing no one is coming over to see me because I haven't heard from anyone yet?! Talk to you in the future!!


Yes! You divide the number of francs by pounds and multiply it by euro! Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 03, 2003

happy birthdays

There are a few people that I have to wish Happy Birthday over the last few days.
Conor Crowley, the one who is a quarter of a Century on the 30th of June, Happy Birthday!
And Diarmuid! Happy 21st! Hope you have a Brilliant night! Sorry I wasn't there, but I'm stuck in Switzerland :oS


The Local Steinbock (i think) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

i'm OFF

Good morning, it’s my first real day off! I didn't have to get up early for thought of the day or breakfast, but I did have to get up early for a lift into Bern. I'm off with Bart (NL), Chiu (HK) and Christine (US) for a day out! Speaking of which there was a change in staff. Branco (YO) couldn't get a Visa to come here in time so they replaced him with Bart (NL). And Roufa (TZ) had to leave us because his English wasn't the best, but he promised to start to learn it and will be back next year.
Also, if you’re looking at my list of countries that are represented on staff, Greece isn't represented. I got confused with the GE that means Georgia, not Greece!! Sorry Tiko, I’ll correct it when I’m home!!
That’s about all the next I have at the mo, yesterday was the first real Kandersteg rainy day we had, but today is looking alright!