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Thursday, July 17, 2003

usual going ons in kisc

Hello from Kandersteg again!!
I had a very interesting week this week! Last Friday I had my first International Campfire with over 600 people attending. I was helping out making sure everything was running smoothly! It was a good night!
The start of this week was nice and interesting as I was on top of the roof of the old chalet cleaning gutters! That’s some height, and the scariest thing I've ever done, but pretty damn amazing! Then I had to cycle up to the upper hutt (1890m) in the rain for a climbing workshop the next day. I was very tired, but it was a good laugh! Then today I was put in charge of a Service Project, where I had to organize and make sure that a group of Spanish made a fence in the campsite and repaired a picnic table. We did it just in time for lunch. And just as I was finishing my lunch today, a voice from behind me says "Dia Duit!” I turned around to see Colm Doyle standing there! He was there with his whole family! I was shocked! It was a great surprise and I was delighted to see a familiar face in Kandersteg. I opened the shop for them and gave them a tour of the place! It was really nice to see them. Now I wonder when everyone else will be popping in to say hello!
For now I must go, I have the day off tomorrow and I have the Harry Potter book to read, so it might be a long night!!
All the best!

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