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Thursday, July 10, 2003

settling in nicely

Hello from beautiful Switzerland!
Things here are great. Were getting on with all our jobs, I'm becoming quite good at the shop till and the early mornings in catering aren’t too bad. The staff nights out are a nice break and are varied from week to week. I've also visited Thun on a day off I was planning to spend in bed and relaxing around the place. It’s a nice city, and a load of crazy people jump into the nice clear blue, Freezing River and swim down stream. I also went for a swim in the lake just out side the city and it was very welcomed because it was very hot that day.
Yesterday and today were my first two swap days and I was in programme. Yesterday I was thrown into the deep end and told to run a stone carving workshop and a screen-printing workshop, but I managed! Today I was on a Cheesery Hike for my second time, with a group of Americans, and now, after today I can lead groups up on that hike on my lonesome! Next week I think I’m at the upper hutte and I’m doing a climbing workshop.
Between now and then there will be lots to do. Shop tomorrow, Catering over the weekend and then House. Its all pretty easy, not much brainpower needed!! I also had my first day on duty last Sunday. Duty being one of the three people each day that don't get a lunch break or a dinner break or a night off because you have to stay in reception to look after any tiny or major problems or questions anyone has, you also have to do all the check-ins (or campsite chickens) and be the one who must make sure there is someone sober in the chalet all night. So when we finished at half ten we weren’t able to head off to the pub for a quick one!!
Anyhow, I must go, see how the BBQ is getting on. The theme this week is Black plastic bag fashion!
Oh, and I'm guessing no one is coming over to see me because I haven't heard from anyone yet?! Talk to you in the future!!

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