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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

i'm OFF

Good morning, it’s my first real day off! I didn't have to get up early for thought of the day or breakfast, but I did have to get up early for a lift into Bern. I'm off with Bart (NL), Chiu (HK) and Christine (US) for a day out! Speaking of which there was a change in staff. Branco (YO) couldn't get a Visa to come here in time so they replaced him with Bart (NL). And Roufa (TZ) had to leave us because his English wasn't the best, but he promised to start to learn it and will be back next year.
Also, if you’re looking at my list of countries that are represented on staff, Greece isn't represented. I got confused with the GE that means Georgia, not Greece!! Sorry Tiko, I’ll correct it when I’m home!!
That’s about all the next I have at the mo, yesterday was the first real Kandersteg rainy day we had, but today is looking alright!

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