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Saturday, January 27, 2007

first post

Well I managed my first guest post on the Geared Up Blog!!
Posting will be a bit quiet here for a while till I get into a rhythm and find my feet. You know, build confidence and getting the hang of it all. It is kinda strange blogging for a blog I'm so used to reading!
Anyhow, this is how that post turned out:

Cartwheels In A Swimsuit At The South Pole
Cartwheels in a swimsuit at the South Pole

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (Geared Up Blog) - Boing Boing has this photo of one crazy girl who decided to strip off on a trip to the south pole.

Sandwichgirl is stationed at McMurdo, in Antarctica. She took a trip from there to the South Pole, and in this photo she is doing cartwheels in a bathing suit at that site: - 25.5° F (-31.9° C), -44.7° F (-42.6° C) windchill, 9.4 knots. This chick's got some major cojones.

Link: Sandwichgirls Blog!

Friday, January 26, 2007

team geared up

Today I was chatting with Robin from Team Geared Up this afternoon. He invited me to become a guest poster on the Blog! I'm really excited about this as I get to write on stuff like outdoor gear, and my favourite, gadgets! With me being in Whistler as well I should be inspired with some other ideas!

The only problem now is getting past the writers block for that first Blog post. I should have something before the end of the weekend, and then the posts will flow!

I'll update you when I post my first Guest Post!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

kandersteg webcam

** Promote * Promote * Promote ;-) **

With the new webcam up and running showing us the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg (and their lack of snow), I was able to update the code for the gadget I created, so you can once again personalise your Google homepage with a handy gadget and your favourite content from the web i.e. my webcam gadget and the KISC Webcam!

Add to Google

Tell your family and friends ;-)

piston broke

My friends father recently returned from his challenge where he drove from Cork, Ireland to Banjul, The Gambia as part of the Plymouth - Dakar Banjul Challenge.
The two man team drove a Punto across the desert to reach their destination. It took them over 20 days to complete the journey. That is a pretty impressive achievement. They kept in touch with his satellite phone and the car made it to the end. It was one of the better ones as well because it was such a small simple car that didn't cause many problems!

The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge or the Ultimate Banger Challenge is a cheap alternative to the Dakar Rally. The entrants must use a car worth approximately £100 for the 4,000 mile or 6,000 km adventure where all proceeds go to charity!

Read about their adventure on their team website: Piston Broke

Monday, January 22, 2007

global heating

So it finally comes around to bit us in the ass. Global Warming is here!

Take a look at a few pictures from last January I took on my holiday to Kandersteg. I have matched them up similar photos taken a few days ago from Patrick who is back for his own holiday. The differences are scary.

As you can see from these photos of the village, there is a severe lack of snow.
These photos of the campsite path shows you exactly how little snow there is. Last year you could cross-country ski through the campsite. This year it doesn't look too good.

More worrying is this photo I found on Flickr.

Originally uploaded by u_sperling.

So I think I got the best deal this winter with a record snow fall here in Whistler!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

24 tips

With 24 starting this week over here in North America, I found some nice tips for 24 Newbies I though I'd share my favourite one with you.

  • Chloe is right. Don’t ever question that girl. Believe it or not, she can shoot a gun.
You can read the rest at feld.com

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bebo badge

I have just discovered bebo Badges!

They are a cool way to tell people outside bebo about your profile! Just copy/paste the html for one of the badges below into your other blogs or spaces around the web so more friends can see your page.

As anyone who has seen my bebo page knows, I delete any comments I get. Why? If you want to tell me something, send me an email, don't put it on show for everyone in the world to see. I donno, I just never liked the idea of everyone reading everyone personal messages.

[Update] I have removed the badge as it doesn't seem to load correctly in both Internet Explorer or Firefox! Stupid bebo! You can view my profile here.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Jack is back!
24 starts here in less than 30 minutes! 2 hours tonight and 2 hours tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

all right

Great news coming to me in over the web! They have dropped Old Man Marty on 2FM! Sorry... RTÉ 2FM. Moved Rick around, and got the breakfast guys from FM 104 to do the Breakfast Show!

Dec sums it up well here. I'll be happy when I return, that is if it looks the same in a few months!

Friday, January 12, 2007

blogger hacks

As everyone is aware I use Blogger to blog. I use them because back in the day, I needed a service provider to host my blog and because of the great work Google did with search and other services like Gmail I decided to give them a shot.

With their major update they have successfully put my urges for moving at bay with all their new features. But I came across this article that shows a plug in you can get for WordPress. It picks up if you are viewing the website/blog from a PSP, DS or a Wii and reformats the page to fit! Pretty ingenious! Its a pitty Google won't open their Blogger software to allow developer plug ins, instead we have to rely on hacks! I have found a few sites with these hacks for blogger, so have a look at the current news from these hack sites for blogger:

I think I will be holding off on a WordPress install for a while tho. At least until I get home and get me a proper computer!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

new year

So I put off this post for a while. There isn't much to say, so I guess there isn't much to write about! New years was totally uneventful, where the most exciting thing that happened was... hang on, nothing exciting happened! I stayed in and watched some Comedy DVD's I had. We ended up not having our Back to the Future night.

Besides that the past few weeks have been pretty much work and Skiing! I have a taste for new ski's after demo'ing some new ones one morning. I also wasted a week organising a 3 day road trip from Dallas Texas to Whistler that fell through. Long story.

Work has been pretty easy after the huge Christmas rush, it is a little bit too quiet! Conor also arrived home with presents and chocolate! Life is pretty boring, with nothing much happening. Snow is quite good tho... Am I rambling yet? Repeating myself? No? Then I'll stop.