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Saturday, January 27, 2007

first post

Well I managed my first guest post on the Geared Up Blog!!
Posting will be a bit quiet here for a while till I get into a rhythm and find my feet. You know, build confidence and getting the hang of it all. It is kinda strange blogging for a blog I'm so used to reading!
Anyhow, this is how that post turned out:

Cartwheels In A Swimsuit At The South Pole
Cartwheels in a swimsuit at the South Pole

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (Geared Up Blog) - Boing Boing has this photo of one crazy girl who decided to strip off on a trip to the south pole.

Sandwichgirl is stationed at McMurdo, in Antarctica. She took a trip from there to the South Pole, and in this photo she is doing cartwheels in a bathing suit at that site: - 25.5° F (-31.9° C), -44.7° F (-42.6° C) windchill, 9.4 knots. This chick's got some major cojones.

Link: Sandwichgirls Blog!

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