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Friday, January 12, 2007

blogger hacks

As everyone is aware I use Blogger to blog. I use them because back in the day, I needed a service provider to host my blog and because of the great work Google did with search and other services like Gmail I decided to give them a shot.

With their major update they have successfully put my urges for moving at bay with all their new features. But I came across this article that shows a plug in you can get for WordPress. It picks up if you are viewing the website/blog from a PSP, DS or a Wii and reformats the page to fit! Pretty ingenious! Its a pitty Google won't open their Blogger software to allow developer plug ins, instead we have to rely on hacks! I have found a few sites with these hacks for blogger, so have a look at the current news from these hack sites for blogger:

I think I will be holding off on a WordPress install for a while tho. At least until I get home and get me a proper computer!

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