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Monday, October 03, 2005

marty in the mornings

Marty Whelan, on the breakfast show... Right...

He started last week, and I didn't hear one show, which is a shame, considering I usually do catch the for of a new show on 2fm, like Rick's today (and another top show *nods Ricks direction*). So it was this morning where I heard the new Breakfast show.

First Impressions: Very poor I thought. Could they come up with anything better? They dragged Shane back to do sports again, and back to the usual time as well. And Marty and Shane aren't getting on at all. The amount of sarcasm thrown around this morning! Its like they forced Shane to come back.

I will give it this week, and next week (1st week back in college) and if not I'm going to have to change my radio from where it has been stuck since I got it back in the early nineties:
and press this button change it to... dare I say it... TodayFM.
Altho for the last 6 months I was forced to listen to Ian on TodayFM any morning I got a lift into work by a neighbour, so I have no problem turning back full time if I have too!

Check out Dec's Blog Entry about it.
Update soon...