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Sunday, October 02, 2005

back to normal

ish! Well I just about made it back yesterday. My bus trip from Sligo to Cork was a bit of a ordeal! It was 7 hours straight on a bus, or 3 buses to be exact! In real life, you get 1 bus from Sligo to Galway, and change in Galway and get a Bus to Limerick/Cork. Here is what happened!

My bus was 20 minutes late getting into Galway. I had about 10 minute change over period, but when we arrived, the Limerick/Cork bus should of left 10 minutes before. But this time, it was waiting for my bus to pull into Galway. So I just about managed to squeeze off the Sligo bus and run over to the Limerick/Cork one, only to see him close the doors and begin to pull away. I knocked on the window and waved, but there was no way in hell I was getting on that bus. The Driver just looked and smiled.

So I was looking an hour wait for the next bus, until I heard a special bus to Ennis/Limerick was about to leave. I was thinking if I could catch up with the bus that just left, because they had a 20 minute stop in Limerick, I wouldn't have to wait the hour. This extra special bus was full of old people going to Ennis and only about 12 of us on there in total. (The bus driver also got confused why I was getting on a bus to Limerick when my ticket said Cork!) Anyway, long story short, we caught up with the Limerick/Cork bus in Ennis where I boarded, and the driver just smiled at me, like... ha... well done, you tricked the system.

By the time we got to Limerick, we were running behind time, so I didn't get a chance to get off for toilet break or food. So I was going from Sligo at 11am until Cork at 6:20pm. Lovely!

But going back to the Jerk Driver, who I didn't manager to get a pic of either :o( does he really enjoy his work? The bus was already 10 minutes late, what would 1 more minute count? I managed to get there, maybe by fluke I suppose, but I managed.

I hope he has a good life.

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