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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ipod nano

My Birthday is coming up... *cough*... and I was wondering what I wanted!! I don't think I want a PSP, as my Laptop and Xbox does everything that does. So I was thinking should I take the plunge and get me an iPod? I was going to wait until my Ski trip to Andorra and see if I could get a good one for a good price there! But can I wait...?

There is also the fact of these reports that the face easily gets scratched. I rang Apple today (nice free phone number) and was speaking to American Nancy!! And she was all helpful... telling me that yes, Apple have admitted that some screens crack and easily scratch. But she also said that they would repair or replace any of them if they do scratch. That's nice to know.
Oh... my battery also might go kerr-put in month 11 of my warranty as well... just a heads up Apple :oP

Anyway, I don't know what to do yet... or what to get for my Birthday... hummm...

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