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Friday, October 07, 2005

20 lives

Over the past few weeks I've been playing Nokias new Game, 20 Lives. Basically you play as someone each day for 20 days and if you successfully pass a life, you get entered into a draw to win prizes. Its pretty easy and all the lives interact. I have failed 1 of the 16 lives I've played so far, with 4 more to play. The problem is this year is that i've gotten bored with it. I have to force myself to log on every day.

I've played the NokiaGame every year and I've won things some times as well. Nokia goodies and phones. Its a pretty sweet deal, and usualy the game is pretty good and gets your hooked for the 2 weeks or so that it runs! It has also got me hooked on Nokia phones.

The final is on the 12th/13th October. Will keep you posted if I win anything!

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