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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

5g ipod

Yup, Apple have just announced their new iPod. The 5th Generation or iPod Video...
Its thinner than the old 4G iPod Photo/Colour, comes in 60GB or 30GB and yup, as you gathered from the name above, it plays video as well!!

I have been doing my home work, as I'm interested in getting one, and up until I heard there was a big announcement from Apple today, I was going for the Nano... except for those bloody scratches!! So I was looking on their website, and checking prices... I found it interesting the Big difference in price from one country to the other. I got the prices in their own currency and just converted it to Euro:
If I don't have one by Christmas, I'm going to get one shipped to Kandersteg and pick it up over new years! But can I wait??

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