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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

halloween party

So I had Beavers today! Was much fun, especially because I got to dress up! There is a picture of me in my Vampire costume!! It was one of those Adult costumes with a cape, shirt thingy and belt thingy. All I had to do was wear some black pants and get some of those teeth! My Aunt Kathryn came over to do the Face Painting!! They wanted me to gel my hair, but I was having none of that!! Oh and the medal was a scout one I won in 1998 for coming first in the 3 legged race!!
So down at beavers everyone had a ball! We played a load of Halloween Games with them, told scary stories and had a Party with like of party food!! Everyone had a great time. Even Julie turned up, looking as scary as ever!! If only we could get her to take off that mask she ALWAYS has on!!
I don't think I want to go out on Real Halloween. Just don't feel like it I suppose, leave me alone right?!! Town isn't my scene!!

Oh on a totally different topic... Luisa, I can see that your a regular reader of this Blog! Either stop it or tell me the address for your one!! I will only be able read posts in the past when I eventually find the address out!! Its only fair!

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