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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

lets kick start a new wave

Ok! As one of my Friends always says,

I don't have time to scratch myself

and its true, these days I don't. I'm getting my head around all the things that I need to make time for. College, Beavers, Scouts, Computer Games, organizing Ski Trips, Updating other peoples websites, Relaxing, TV, Eating, Responding to Emails, organizing my Google Reader etc etc etc and the list goes on!!

So I want to make this back as a Number one, or close to it at the top. I realized, I started going it this blogging thin hell for leather back in March just around when my Exams were on/finishing, and I haven't blogged through college yet!! I think that's what I'm finding so hard. But I'm sure I can get over it when I put my head to it.

Do you ever notice the spell checker on this thing doesn't have the words: blog, blogger, blogging or blogged?! Strange!

1 comment:

  1. It doesnt even recognise blogspot. Who the hell cant spell their own name.