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Saturday, April 29, 2006

i still care

It may look like I only post once a week, but believe me, I'd be posting every odd day if I could.

You get into a flow of posting if you keep it up regularly, where you can come up with newer and better and way more interesting things to talk about than just giving out about things you notice and say to yourself "I'm going to have to blog about that". But if you leave it slide, it gets harder to jump back in.

I'm going to be swamped for the next 3ish week, my exams are coming up, and even tho its a 4 year degree, the last 3 years mean NOTHING when it comes to the type of degree I get. It all boils down to these last 6 subjects and exams. And these subjects aren't a continuation of previously studied ones, they are fresh and new! Like all the other years!

Anyway, just a post to let you know I care, all my random and strange readers, esp the guy from Ireland who keeps getting here by having to type langers blog into Google! Why not subscribe to my feed burner, which still says 0 readers, even tho I know I subscribed :oS

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