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Thursday, September 28, 2006

pric€ facts

Barry Collins' Price Facts!

Every few weeks there are these bright yellow leaflets in Collins' Supervalu in Carrigaline listing a number of items bought in Dunnes Stores and again in Barry Collins, and the price paid in each store and the saving made!

This week there is 39 items with a total of €93.44 in Dunnes and €92.85 in Supervalu! That's a saving of 59c!! Now don't run off just yet. Looking down through the long list of small type and prices i took out a ruler and compared each items price. There are 2 things that are cheaper in Barry Collins.

  1. Jacobs Jaffa Cakes 300g saving 8cent
  2. Amigo Orange Drink 6pk saving 51cent
If these two items are not on your regular shopping list, there is absolutly no difference in shoping between the two stores (apparently)

The small print at the end of the leaflet shows that they checked the prices in Dunnes in Ballincollig on the 18/9 and in Supervalu in Carrigaline at 11.45am on the same day! Even giving a time!

Maybe they came back from Dunnes and realised they needed to lower some of their prices and lowered those two items so the leaflet would look good and everyone would make a 59cent saving!!

Oh and have you seen their website! Talk about a mess and totally unfriendly and unusable! You think with all that money they could of asked someone who knew something about web design! http://www.collinssupervalu.com/

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