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Thursday, September 28, 2006

deirdre o'kane

Saw her last night in the Cork Opera House. I'm no reviewer or expert on writing the perfect article on her, but i can search the Internet and bring you an overview of the show:

Funny and feisty, warm and down to earth, she chatters on engagingly for an hour of babies and how they affect your flirting; the terrible service you get in Ireland; an increasingly mad tale of having her car clamped; insomnia and nursery rhymes.

Added to this there is O'Kane's rich fantasy life, in which she shops at Argos with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, chats baby names with Victoria Beckham and frets about the wellbeing of Katie Holmes. O'Kane is wonderfully comfortable on the stage and with her audience.

via Edinburgh Festivals

Now i thought she she did go on for a bit about babies, pregnancy and more babies. Fair enough she just had her own child (and another on the way?) so she had a lot to say on that subject. That went down a treat with all the women in the room, but after the first 30 minutes i thought it was time to move on!

It was my first comedy show as such and i did get a good laugh out of her. Andrew Stanley was on before her and he was really good. Lots of audience interaction and some great jokes! Maybe he was more along the lines of my taste.


  1. Anonymous28/9/06 21:57

    mmmmmmmmmmm Deirdre O'Kane... :)

  2. God i thought it was fantastic and i went with my cousin and he loved it too cant wait for her next show ...i jus think she's gas though even in intermission she's just hilarious!!:D