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Sunday, September 17, 2006

blogger beta

So i finally made the change over to Blogger beta. New features include:
Customisable Archive: I organised my posts by month, and they go back to 2003. So the list of months was quite long previously, not they are broken down by year then month and then by post! Way nice to look at!
Labels: Like with Gmail, you can now label your posts so you can view similar posts with the same label
Future Posting: I can write now and publish later!
Nice Looking Dashboard: For the better blogging experience ;-)

All these are nice and dandy, but its a lot of work getting the template back up and similar to what it was before you make the switch. Counters have to be re-installed and the new template need a bit of time in getting used to.
You also have to add labels to all your posts. It's going to take a fair bit of time I'd say with all 270 posts made in 'classic blogger'. But i do like a challenge!

Oh! Just noticed they added a Gmail type spell checker as well! Hurrah!

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