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Saturday, September 30, 2006


If you have ever had a Toblerone bar, you will notice the picture of the Matterhorn on it. Linking into its Swiss history eh?! What else do you notice on it?

Well it was only last week that my eyes were opened to something that has been in front of me for several years and I never noticed it before!! There is a hidden image on the mountain linking into their Bern History. Its so well hidden that no Swiss person I have asked knows about!

This, I believe, is an unbelievable discovery!!
Tell the world!


  1. holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you;re right.

    I also know it's made by TOBLER chocolate company as they're first product.

    As such it was called TOBLER ONE, but the boss misread the hand writing and pronouced it TOBLERONE by a mistake!

  2. Not according to their website!

    But they might be making up lies to make it seem less like a mistake!

  3. Anonymous30/9/06 23:08

    Sorry Darran: We told you never to break the secret code. Now you know what happens. Its the way it is - But its your fault. From Monday all Swiss people will say, " Who The F*ck told Darran to publish that". You were warned. LOL

  4. Oh no! I better leave the counrty and go into hiding! Luckly i have a flight to Canada booked for the end of the month, so i can lay low there for a while!

    Thank for the warning!