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Monday, April 02, 2007

changes to my blog

A new month, some new changed to the blog!

First thing you may or may not notice is the address. I purchased LangersBlog.com, for the mess, to check out Google Apps for your Domain. I then wanted at see if I could then use that domain for Bloggers 'Custom Domain' hosting option! With a bit of messing around and a email to the hosting company sorted that out! Now everything is up and running on the new address: LangersBlog.com [which then forwards to blog.langersblog.com :-) ]

I have also added a few more subscribing/feed options. Under the regular feed button (the huge orange thing on the bottom right of the page) there are two more options for you:

  • - You can subscribe to my comment feed.
And for all you technophobes:
  • - You can subscribe to receive updates directly into email inbox.
To Sum Up: You can update your bookmarks or whatever, or not, it doesn't matter! Everything is the same and continue to work as normal! So what changes?!

P.S. For those Twitter fans... check out the twitter of the blog: twitter.com/LangersBlog

1 comment:

  1. My PageRank dropped from 3 to 0.

    I bet I will be getting a huge drop off in hits from Search Engines.