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Monday, March 20, 2006


I saw 24 last night, and I've been following it since the start of this season. I've seen every season, except for the two on when I was working in Switzerland, Season 2 & 3.

For those of you not Irish, British or American...

24 (Twenty Four) is a current U.S. television action/drama series, produced by the Fox Network. Each season covers the events of one day in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer. The show also follows Jack's colleagues at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, as well as the actions of both various terrorists and the White House.This real-time nature of 24 gives the show a strong sense of urgency, emphasized by the ticking of an on-screen digital clock appearing from time to time. Throughout every episode the action switches between different locations, following the parallel adventures of different characters all involved in the same story.
It is a kick ass show, I loved every other season. The problem this season is that unlike every other one, its as if they are making 24 separate episodes with every odd one overlapping. The way it finished this week didn't have me sitting on the edge of my seat because there is nothing to wait for next week. The terrorists got away and CTU have no leads. Its like a self contained episode. Granted the content of each episode is kick ass and brilliant to watch, don't get me wrong, its just the season doesn't seem to be linked and stretched over all the episodes (if your still following me...)

One of my friends is getting pissed off with me when I go on about this, and he is a 24/Jack Bauer die hard fan. He didn't want to even listen to me this week, altho did go on about this for a few weeks (well each Monday)... he doesn't want to hear bad words said about his beloved show. I also found out online, as i was doing a bit of research for this post (to see if anyone else feels the same) that Edgar Dies! Nooo!

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