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Friday, March 17, 2006

late late

Just watching the Late Late Show, and disappointed that Plastic Pat couldn't wear a green tie or anything, no shamrock or anything! Sure its only St. Patrick's Day! Maybe his 'Yes' men forgot to tell him that because was St. Patrick's Day he might want to wear something to make the occasion!

Shane McGawen and Ronney Drew are just on... Interesting... But the camera's weren't too bothered in zooming in too close to them and more fascinated in the musicians in the background! Also a very fast break was taken... I think Shane has a glass of something alright in his hand. What's that you say... Rating puller?

If I haven't said it before, Pat Kenny is my Mortal Enemy.

3 posts in 1 day... Aren't we all lucky:o)


  1. We noticed the fast break as well. We also noticed that the sound levels were totally messed up - it was nearly impossible to hear the words from either of them.

    And whatever Shane was drinking, it was WAY too dark to be water. He's not looking real healthy either.

  2. Poor form from the Late Late, either have him on or not at all. Don't mess with the preformance!

    He looked terrible... altho it was St. Patricks Day Night... so imagine what he would look like if he was out and not in a studio!