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Monday, April 14, 2003

travel time

Since I know what date I'll need to arrive at the centre, the hunt is on for the cheapest flights. I'm flying from Cork, but nearly all the flights out of Ireland go through either Dublin or London. A few good websites to visit are:

I managed to get a flight from Cork to Geneva return for € 255. This left the 13th, the day before I was due to arrive at the centre. They don't really like you doing this, but I thought it was the only way I could do it.

Then I heard Gillian was on going from Dublin to Frankfurt on the 14th and then a train to Kandersteg. I looked into that flight, and it originates in Cork. I booked it with AerLingus, Cork to Frankfurt and return Frankfurt to Dublin (because it didn’t return to Cork) and it cost me € 190. It saves me a bit, and I have someone to travel with, so it's a win-win situation!

I was also in contact with the Swiss Embassy to make sure I don't need a visa (which I knew I didn't, I was just double checking!!!) and it was confirmed, as long as I have a full Irish passport, there would be no problem.



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