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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

what a load of

Waffle... Only place to get good ones is France, and Paris to be exact. So there.

Anyway, Just waffle here... don't know what to say, so here goes.

Lets start with Googles Blog Search. Launched today, with a bit of an identity crisis. On the main Google Blog it shows you loads of places you can see different versions of the same thing. Excellent that they are all over the place, but if they are the same, why do they look different?

Anyway, I went back to Beavers tonight. First night back, wasn't too bad. Grand total of 12, plus another 7 or so joining before Christmas (because they aren't 6 yet) plus the few that just didn't bother showing up tonight!

Autumn has started in Kandersteg! I can remember this time a year ago, good times... I was in Geneva actually... And this time 2 years ago I was suffering from withdrawal symptom's!

And I forgot what else I was going to say... Oh yeah, I cant think of anything... but hopefully this will be enough to make a load of random people to visit from click next blog so I can see if my country counter works!

Tóg go bog é!

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