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Monday, September 12, 2005


The ever increasing price of petrol is annoying me. I don't drive, so it doesn't affect me that much... but when the Americans go on about how petrol prices are so high, and that prices have broken the 3 dollar mark, it makes me angry.

Lets look at it so... the average price for an American is about
3USD for 1 US Gallon of petrol.
Over here prices are on average about
1.20EUR for 1 metric liter of petrol.
A quick google query shows us what were really spending in terms for those americans. If Ireland was in America we would be paying about:
5.50USD for our gallon of pertol.
The same reversed: If we had the prices they have, we would be paying about:
0.64EUR per liter.

Makes you think...

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