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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

push button publishing

The thing about push button publishing is the fact you have to Push the Button to publish anything!! This involves opening Firefox and clicking a link, then having to write whatever your publishing and then push the button. EASY!

Its all fine and dandy until you get to the last bit, writing what you want to publish. I read a few blogs daily, and some people write the biggest load of dribble. Not for one second do I think my blog is any different, infact I know for a fact noone looks at it (thank you statcounter) .

So personal update time... less than 2 weeks left here at work. The other two students have all fecked off on holidays or "leaving early" because they are back to college. Talk about doing your 6 months... Its more like 5.

Over the weekend I had a 13th and a 21st Party on the same night. I managed to get to both, but had to leave the 21st early because I had a hike the next day. So it was bed at 2:30 for me and up again at 7:30 for the hike. More MPC training, from the Vee across the Knockmealdowns down into Mount Melleary. Good fun, lovely weather, no pics :o(
On the way home we were treated to the 2nd half of the All-Ireland Hurling Final where Cork beat Galway to retain the Liam McCarthy Cup!

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