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Sunday, September 18, 2005

never blog about bloging

Like I've got time for a BlogSpot!!:

When you write your own blog you can basically get away with anything. You don't have to please your readers, you don't have to cater to anyone's taste, you don't have to be interesting, and your blog doesn't even have to make sense! But there are some basic unwritten rules about bloging that must be adhered to at all times. And up there with 'never blog about your co-workers' and 'always know if your mother reads your blog' is a fundamental and oft forgotten rule:

Do not insult your readers intelligence, i.e.:

Never blog about blogging!

We all know the feeling, you one sit down at your computer to blog one fateful day, and nothing happens. Nothing. Happens.

You can't think of anything to blog about.

It may not be because your life's particularly boring or empty; you might just have nothing to say. There's always the chance that you've stumbled upon the great discovery of conversation, and with a small cry of 'Eureka!' have began saying things directly to people, thus having no more need to blog. Or you could just be shallow.

Either way, you are suddenly faced with a momentous, blog-changing decision. What do you do now? Oh, you know the sensible thing to do would be to stand up, turn off your computer, and walk away. Go do something else. But in the back of your mind, a twisted logic is beginning to form:

  1. I normally blog about what goes on in my life.
  2. What's going on in my life right is that I have nothing to blog.
  3. I should blog about the fact I have nothing to blog.

So I say 'NO!' and say again, 'NO!'
You never, ever, under any circumstances, blog about the fact that you have nothing to blog about. If you’ve got nothing to blog, don’t blog! Sometimes inspiration comes, sometimes it doesn’t. You people just have to learn to let it go sometimes. Learn to walk away.

There's nothing worse than reading a blog titled 'I have nothing to say' or worse 'what should I blog about'. Nothing is more insulting to the experienced blogger. You’ve taken the time and effort to visit some blog, only to be slapped in the proverbial face. With a proverbial salmon. You feel violated.

People can get hurt that way.


  1. Hey, this is MY blog! I posted it!! If you're gonna copy it you've got to accredit it properly!!

  2. I did!! At the top there is a link to the post on your Blog!!
    Its a great post!

  3. Ok, but a nice way to say thank you would be to add me to your links, or at least to your "what I'm reading"

    BTW, how did you stumble upon my blog in the first place?

  4. I only add links to Blogs I actually read, and I only stumbled across yours and I really liked one of your posts.

    I think I saw it on one of my Next Blog>> adventures.

    (I also notice you keep checking if I replied to your comment, sorry for the delay, was on holiday and the lot and forgot!!)