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Friday, September 16, 2005

revolution controller

So Nintendo finally announced their controller?! Take a look at this gamble:

Yup! Its a remote control!! Correction it looks smaller than any of my remote controls! Here is the low down:

It is shaped like a simple television remote control and operates like a mouse in three-dimensional real-space.
The controller is a major departure from the last 20 years of console design. Two sensors near the television allow the controller to sense its position in three-dimensional space; other sensors in the controller itself allow it to sense its tilt and yaw. Players can thus mime actions (and receive haptic feedback) instead of simply pushing buttons. An early marketing video showed actors miming such actions as fishing, cooking, drumming, conducting an orchestra, shooting a gun, sword fighting, and performing dental surgery. To communicate with the sensors, the Revolution's controller uses Bluetooth technology.
A digital directional pad is positioned at the top of the controller face, with a large GameCube-styled A button directly below it and a trigger on the underside acting as the B-button. Below the A button is a row of three small buttons: Start, Home, and Select. Near the bottom end of the controller are two additional buttons labeled lowercase a and b (labeled X and Y in promotional videos and likely the final product), suggesting that users can turn the controller 90 degrees and use it like a classic NES controller.
The controller can also slip inside or attach to peripherals through a proprietary plug on its bottom end. A tethered peripheral with an analog stick and two shoulder buttons (labeled Z₁ and Z₂) will be bundled with the Revolution game console (letting the user play games "nunchaku-style"). A "shell" peripheral is also slated to release for the Revolution that will be similar to traditional controllers like those of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Nintendo promises a wide variety of peripherals ranging from dance mats to analog game controllers. Peripherals may be cheap enough to be bundled with games.

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