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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Yesterday I heard some sad news that one of my old Friends online died. Weatherman, Weatherman4 or just George Henry lived in Michigan in the States where he was... as his nick suggested a Weatherman. Well not really, it was more something to do with underground water systems or something. He was retired and living quite comfortable on his own.

Going back to the golden days of the internet as I remember, he was a regular in IrelandChat chatroom on the Microsoft Chat servers, back in the day using good old MSChat2.5. I had many a memorable chat with him late at night about everything and anything. He was fascinated with the weather and loved his cats. He had a lake outside his house that used to freeze over during the winter. The applications for his passport were in the back of his car in an envelope. And if he did ever get a passport, he could of seen the world. Its a pitty he never did. There would of been so much he would of loved to see. He always has an interest in Japan and the food from there, I think... The stuff he would come out with was sometimes not politically correct, but he also knew the best way to act when a chat room became awkward or someone put their foot in there mouth. He was always a great person to chat to and share your thoughts with. Even thought I grew apart from that circle of people online, as the chat servers closed down and people moved on, I will always remember the great times I had in that community and with Weatherman.

Altho he didn't get on too well with his family, I do remember that some younger members used to come and visit and he really loved that. It was sad to hear that his family didn't have a service or funeral for him, but I hope there was some thing small. He will always be in my memories and my prayers are with him and his Family, both in real life and online.

He died on October 14th of this year. R.I.P. George.

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