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Sunday, November 06, 2005

jcb song

Ok, just listening to the Radio and again I hear the JCB song from Nizlopi. I heard this a good while ago on Ricks show. The DJ currently on thinks its a brilliant song, which is it, but he credited Marty 'Lame Ass' Whelan with playing it!

Now in checking my links and stuff while writing this, I see that there is a link to the JCB song on the Marty in the Morning page on the 2fm website! I checked the Rick Page and it does not mention anything! Who gets the credit? I don't listen is 2fm anymore in the mornings, I much prefer either Ian on TodayFM or Nick Richards on Corks 96fm! So I can't really tell what that lame excuse for a DJ has been saying in the mornings! Probably some sarcastic or old fashioned remark to Shane and then Shane burns Marty...

Anyway, the main reason for this post is getting lost! The JCB Song... listen to it, it's class.

Update: I'm getting a lot of hits here from Google with the phrase: listen to the JCB Song. Now I don't have it a link or anything here to download the song, but if you go onto their site, you can view the video which plays the whole song! http://www.jcbsong.co.uk/

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