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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

one hellofa one

Alright, this is going to be one hellofa update. Well thats the plan, who knows how it finishes.

First off, i was online yesterday morning and the weirdest thing happened. Someone who i used to chat to way back, started chatting with me again! It was soo weird, it took me a minute to realise who it was. Last time i was chatting to them was on Valantines Day 2003 and before that it was the just summer 2002 when chat started to fizzle out because they were never online, or they blocked me!! Now they seem to be very quiet again when they log back on and off... humm

Moving on! Google launched two more products/services today. Google Analytics could be very intresting to work with! I've added it to my blog, and now i'm just waiting for the data to be collected to see what the reports look like! Google Base doesnt seem to brilliant or amazing, infact i'm not going to even link to it i was so board with it and couldnt find a use to it for me!

I got a load of details about the KISC Staff Reunion happening this December! Activities include:

  • Sauna
  • Sledding and Gluehwein
  • Gemmi Hike and Sled
  • NYE Dinner in Tower
  • Zermatt Ski Trip
  • Snowboarding workshop
  • Ice Skating
  • Snow Shoeing
So i really can't wait for it!! There is about 78 ex-staff and 16 friends and family going to be there!! In fact i'm looking forward it more than my actual Ski Trip with my friends this year to Andorra! (except for the fact i'm going to be stocking up on electronics over there and making good use of the Tax-Free status of Andorra!!)

College is going along nicely, with projects and tasks being worked on, and christmas exams coming up on the 12th to the 21st, i dont know why but they need that amount of time to run 4 exams for us. I should really start studying...

I spent the weekend in Clon, for a welcome home gaming/party for Taidy who was home for a week and a bit from Scotland. So we got a load of us to come down on the Friday to play games and then more on the Saturday for a party. We managed to fit in another trilogy! Star Wars IV, V and VI! That goes with other trilogies like Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3, Robocop 1, 2 and 3, and Matrix 1, 2 and 3... i'm sure there was more other times!

The Xbox 360 is out in America in less than a week, or something! Infact, there is so much about it online i'm not going to mention it anymore...

As for Bosco!! His DVD (Volume 1) was released last weekend!! Oh what childhood memories! I must get me a copy of that DVD!! over 3 ½ hours of Bosco Bliss!!

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