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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

normal life at kisc... normal?

How it going everyone from home, around Ireland and around the world!
Good good here. The season is coming to a close... awwwhhhh but still lots of things to do. The last two weeks everyone has being kicked from their departments and we all become departmentless short-termer's who will help out in whatever area of the centre that needs help. My last week was spent in CaMpSiTe! (said correctly) which I really enjoyed! It is a pity I only swapped into that department once the whole season. I also had my usual shop and catering as well as a few days off thrown in for good measure!
Speaking of which today I took a stroll up to a Mountain Hut (2548m) to complete my Gold Huttentest award! It was a really nice hike and a very nice day! Its funny that I always end up having good days off that are organized at the last minute! I've also got a trip to Milan or somewhere near there; it’s in Italy anyway, for next week. So I'm looking forward to that!
Tonight someone from the Geneva (World Scouting H.Q.) came to talk to us and get our feedback on the new award: Scout of the World Award. It will be launched around the world in 2004 but because we completed the award except for a report that we will do next week, we are able to receive the award! We will be the first in the World. It’s an award that tried to open people’s minds to Environment, Development and Peace. Overall I see that it has great potential and I will be urging my national association to take this on board, and it could be a good opportunity to develop the Rover sections.
But I'm sure you'll hear more about it in the future. Nothing else strange here. But because I am going home soon, I'm starting to look forward to it. A nice K.C.'s in front of the T.V. would be nice. But saying that, I'm sure if I was able to stay on longer, getting ready for new staff arriving, a new season and so on, I wouldn't even think about home!
Oh one last thing, I'll be checking all my logs with a proper spell checker when I get home!
Talk to you soon,

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